Marshall Additives Technologies (MAT), a division of The R.J. Marshall Company, is a leading supplier of innovative and cost attractive inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant technologies for the plastics and rubber industries.

Backed by a customer focused Applications and R&D team, MAT is focused on developing and offering reactive combinations of inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant products with the aim of enhancing performance and/or reducing cost.

In addition, MAT offers the familiar single chemical products: Antimony Trioxide, Ammonium Octamolybdate, Alumina Trihydrate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Huntite / Hydromagnesite, Zinc Borate, Zinc Stannate and Zinc Hydroxy Stannate.

Marshall Additive Technologies


There are three methods for flame retardance:
vapor phase inhibition, solid phase char formation, and quench and cool systems
that work by removing or reducing heat, fuel or oxygen.

solid phase char formation

Vapor Phase Inhibition

This approach works by removing flammable gaseous chemicals from the burning plastic. Chlorine and bromine based chemicals and polymers are used as the active flame retardants with MAT’s FLAME DEFENSE SERIES blends FD335, FD409, and FD440. Or with antimony trioxide using MAT’s FDAO.

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vapor phase inhibition

Solid Phase Char Formation

MAT has developed a high performance low cost reactive blend to replace Ammonium Octamolybdate in a wide range of PVC applications. This product,  Smoke Defense SD890 is particularly suited to plenum rated PVC formulations. Where a combination of smoke suppression and flame retardance is required in one product, MAT offers a range of Zinc based products.

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quench & cool systems

Quench & Cool Systems

ATH, Huntite / Hydromagnesite, and Magnesium Hydroxide products are typically selected for halogen free applications and work according to two modes. Release of water and endothermic decomposition. Water release reduces temperature, excludes oxygen and combines with soot particles to reduce smoke. Endothermic decomposition removes heat energy from the combustion process.

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Flame Retardant Solutions

We research, develop and manufacture a full line of inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant solutions to meet the most demanding requirements across the plastics and rubber industry. This is supported by our deep partnerships with suppliers, leading university departments and industry experts. Thus, allowing for a customer centered approach to support existing products and partnering on new applications or solving formulation challenges.

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Commitment to Quality

We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by assuring that each product delivered or service provided consistently meets or exceeds our established standards. As part of our dedication to quality we will:

  • Develop and nurture an environment conducive to the highest standards of
    quality, commitment, and continue improvement.
  • Partner with and monitor our vendors and suppliers to obtain the most consistent and
    highest quality materials and service.
  • Use statistical methods to understand and manage the actions of our total organization.
  • Dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement in all activities of our business.
  • Continually strive to develop our employees though training and education.
  • Quality will be achieved though prevention of defects rather than detection.
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Current News

Burn Video – FD313, FD455S, and SD890

A fun/informative video showing the benefits of our flame defense (FD) and smoke defense (SD) products! These products can replace 100% of antimony trioxide/ammonium octamolybdate and are lower cost. TDSs and example formulas are available upon request! Contact us for samples HERE.

New One-Pack Series

INTRODUCING ONE-PACK SOLUTIONS TO OUR FLAME DEFENSE SERIES 100% replacement for Antimony Trioxide (AO) depending on phr loading. Click image for more info.

New Distributor Announcement

July 1st, 2021 The R.J. Marshall Company is pleased to announce that Ravago Chemicals of North America has been appointed as a recognized Distributor for our CASE Market Product lines. Ravago Chemicals of North America represents market-leading specialty chemical and ingredient producers that allow them to deliver creative technical solutions along with the highest level …