Tech Team

David Roberts Technical Director
Originally from the UK, David has extensive flame retardant compound experience as an R&D leader in the wire & cable industry and the polymer compounding industry. Holding an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and a Masters of Science in Polymer Engineering, David has significant experience in formulating with flame retardant additives into a broad range of industry applications and across a wide range of polymer platforms. David is the holder of over 12 patents and was a contributor to the ‘Electric Cables Handbook’ ISBN-10: 063204075
Ph: 716-579-5132

Dr. Veronica LivingstoneResearch Scientist and R&D Group Leader
Veronica has a PhD in Chemistry specializing in polymer/inorganic composites focusing on experimental design, synthetic method, and characterization of these materials. Veronica has several publications in materials, polymer and inorganic chemistry fields. She has vast experience in instrumentation application and the development of composites.

Executive Management

Richard and Joan Marshall
Founded The R.J. Marshall Company in 1978.

Dan Mahlmeister
Executive Committee Chairman

Ext. 204

Tim Price
Vice President of Marketing and Technical
Executive Committee Vice-Chairman

Ext. 232

Larry Blake
Vice President of Sales
Ph: 314-486-0132

District Sales Managers

Larry Branan
District Sales Manager
East Coast and Eastern Canada
Ph: 678-486-0132

Douglas Tibbitts
District Sales Manager
West Coast and Western Canada
Ph: 951-318-3218

R. Brian Ruether
District Sales Manger
Central US and Central Canada
Ph: 574-333-8717

Customer Care / Export Sales

Suzanna Murphy
Customer Care Manager / Export Sales
Ext. 221

Mischelle Barry
Customer Care Rep.
Ext. 215

Lashana Hutchins
Customer Care Assistant
Ext. 214