About Us

richard & joan marshallMarshall Additive Technologies is a division of The R.J. Marshall Company and a premier supplier of highly effective flame retardant and smoke suppressant additives for polymers. MAT specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of cost effective replacements for antimony trioxide and ammonium octamolybdate. MAT also offers flame retardant and smoke suppressant products alumina trihydrate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc borate, zinc stannate and zinc hydroxystannate.

The R.J. Marshall Company was founded by Richard J. and Joan E. Marshall in May of 1978. Originally conceived as a manufacturer representative company, R.J. Marshall sold commodity grade industrial raw materials. Soon, they found a way to offer a solution to the inconsistent quality of materials drawn from individual mines: a better way to achieve the best possible properties from batch to batch. This kind of consistency and quality has been the hallmark of the R.J. Marshall reputation even today.

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Our Vision

To be a world leader providing specialty, industrial raw materials and manufacturing supplies; being directed by our core values, quality policy and focused on our mission.

Our Mission

At The R.J. Marshall Company we seek to make our customers successful by supplying innovative, quality focused products and services. We serve our customer’s needs with perseverance and create an environment where our customers, employees and suppliers are highly valued.


26776 W. 12 Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48034
erieErie Michigan

Products: Flame Retardant Products, Onyx Fill, Dense Fill, Ground Bayer Hydrate

rockwoodRockwood, Michigan

Products: Granule Manufacturing, Granite Effect, Lightweight Fillers, Spraylite, Buffing & Polishing

alabamaAlpine, Alabama

Products: Ground Bayer Hydrates, Granite Effect, Lightweight Fillers

californiaValley Springs, California

Products: Lightweight Fillers, Spraylite, Gypsum, Bayer Ground Hydrates, West Coast Distribution of all RJM Products

Our Core Values

The R.J. Marshall Company was founded in 1978 and stands as a reminder of the business principles:

Integrity – to maintain the highest ethical standards.

Honesty – to be honorable and trustworthy, to always do the right thing.

Respect – to show regard for worth, honor and esteem for our employees, customers and suppliers.

Perseverance – to have a passion for excellence and a resolve for continuous improvement.

Knowledge – to be lifetime learners and provide a continual learning environment empowering our employees to solve problems.

Forgiveness – to create an environment of trust where people are allowed to fail.

Fairness – to treat all people in a just and equitable manner.

Teamwork – to work together with mutual respect and courtesy realizing we can achieve more by working together.

Competence – to do it right the first time by making smart, quick, common sense decisions.

Family – to recognize and support the family and maintain a family atmosphere.