We research, develop, and manufacture a full line of inorganic flame retardant and smoke suppressant solutions to
meet the most demanding requirements across the plastics and rubber industry. This is supported by deep partnerships
with suppliers, leading university departments, and industry experts. Thus, allowing for a customer centered approach
to support existing products and partnering on new applications or solving formulation challenges.

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Vapor Phase Inhibition

This approach works by removing flammable gaseous chemicals from the burning plastic. Chlorine and bromine
based chemicals and polymers are used as the active flame retardants with MAT’s FLAME DEFENSE SERIES.

FD335 Maximum Performance reactive synergist blend TDS SDS

FD409 Standard Performance reactive synergist blend TDS SDS

FDAO Antimony Trioxide TDS SDS

Other FD products available on request for specific applications.

Solid Phase Char Formation

Ammonium Octamolybdate is a benchmark product for smoke suppression in plasticized PVC. MAT has developed
a high performance low cost reactive blend to replace AOM in a wide range of PVC applications. This product,
Smoke Defense SD890 is particularly suited to plenum rated PVC formulations.

SDAOM Ammonium Octamolybdate TDS SDS

SD890 High Performance, Low Cost SS TDS SDS

Other SD products available on request for specific applications.


Where a combination of smoke suppression and flame retardance is required in one product, MAT offers a range of
Zinc based products. Zinc Borate is typically used as a formulating additive to increase char strength, reduce smoke,
and to provide afterglow suppression. Whereas, the Stannate products combine smoke suppression and synergism
with halogenated flame retardants where antimony trioxide is not desired or permitted.


CTZB400 Zinc Borate SS and FR TDS SDS

CTZST Zinc Stannate SS and Antimony Trioxide replacement for polymers with processing temperatures above 200°C TDS SDS

CTZHS Zinc Hydroxy Stannate SS and Antimony Trioxide replacement TDS SDS

Quench & Cool Systems

These products are typically selected for halogen free applications and work according to two modes. Release of
water and endothermic decomposition. The water release reduces the temperature in the combustion zone,
excludes oxygen and combines with soot particles to reduce smoke. The endothermic nature of the decomposition
removes heat energy from the combustion process.

ATH is suitable for process temperatures up to about 190°C, Huntite / Hydromagnesite up to 230°C and Magnesium Hydroxide above 300°C.


HT900 Precipitated 0.9 micron d50 ATH TDS SDS

HT1000 Precipitated 1.4 micron d50 ATH TDS SDS

ATH A202 Ground 2.0 micron d50 ATH TDS SDS

ATH A204 Ground 4.0 micron d50 ATH TDS SDS

HTMC9 Huntite / Hydromagnesite blend TDS SDS


Magnesium Hydroxide Products

MGP-N2 Natural ground 2.0 micron d50 Magnesium Hydroxide SDS

MGP-N2SC Steric acid coated natural 2.0 micron d50 Magnesium Hydroxide SDS

MGP-N4 Natural ground 4.0 micron d50 Magnesium Hydroxide SDS

MGP-N4SC Steric acid coated natural 4.0 micron d50 Magnesium Hydroxide SDS


Precipitated grades coming in 2020.

The MAT division is constantly researching and working on new products. As they become available, they will be launched via online marketing and presented during customer visits. If you have a formulation problem you are trying to solve, or a cost reduction target, please feel free to contact us as we may be able to help with one of our existing products or partner with you to develop a custom solution.

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