New Flame Defense Series Product Announcement – FDVW1

Marshall Additive Technologies is proud to introduce into the Flame Defense product line – FDVW1.

FDVW1 is specifically optimized for the crosslinked low voltage XLPE and EPDM wire & cable market. A segment of products in this application are flame retarded to meet the demanding VW1 flame test requirement. To achieve this performance, it is common to formulate with Brominated flame retardants and Antimony Trioxide synergists.

Leveraging The R.J. Marshall’s long history with Antimony Trioxide replacement products for PVC applications, a research program was undertaken to design a specific product for the VW1 application and similar systems where Brominated flame retardants are used. FDVW1 is the result of those efforts.

To demonstrate the basic efficacy of the product, a typical polyethylene recipe was constructed, compounded, press-molded and finally crosslinked using electron beam irradiation for convenience. After confirming crosslink density, UL94 sample bars were cut (0.03 inches thick) and laminated to a thin copper sheet (0.02 inches thick) to provide the heat sink effect and structural stability similar to that encountered in an extruded wire.

The laminated UL94 samples were then tested using the basic UL94 protocol but adapted to simulate the VW1 test. Specifically, the flame was applied at a 20 degree from the vertical angle for 15 seconds for a total of 5 applications. The recipes evaluated and result obtained are shown here.

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